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Why should you care about Sea Turtles?

We here at Rascarey have an undying passion for turtles, and we want you to, too. But you might be asking yourself, why should I care about turtles?

Firstly, Sea Turtles have been living and thriving in the Oceans of the world for 150 million years, making them survivors of the Age of Dinosaurs. They are among the world’s most ancient vertebrates. They are known as a "keystone species", which means that they play an extremely important role in the marine ecosystem.“They’re a paragon of survival, and it would be terrible if they’ve come through 200 million years and then in the last few centuries most are eliminated. Not a very good legacy for us.” (Whit Gibbons, emeritus professor of ecology at University of Georgia).

Today, the species are going extinct at an alarming rate because of abrupt changes caused by us humans (pollution, habitat destruction, overconsumption, etc.). The loss of Sea Turtles means loss of diversity of life on Earth, which makes all life vulnerable. For example, 70% of the oxygen we breathe comes from healthy Oceans. When realizing that the relationship between humans and turtles is symbiotic, our tireless efforts in the conservation of our oldest reptile friends simply makes sense.

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