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we are passionate people for the conservation of sea turtles & the environment

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Costa Rica

bahia drake, osa peninsula

Who are we and what is our mission?

"We are passionate about animals and the environment. In 2020 we decided to create our own independent project, for the Conservation of Sea Turtles and the Environment. We consider our team to be all of those who come here to make their mark. We have been blessed to have had support from many local and international volunteers and various organizations. We are just in the beginning phases of our project, and we have a long way to go - but we have big dreams for now and for the future. All we hope is that our dedication to the project can make a real impact on the declining rates of our precious sea turtle friends, as well as the regeneration of our Earth. Our mission is to inspire people to make a lifestyle change in becoming more sustainable and conscious, and to be able to share the experience of fully connecting with yourselves and nature while here at the immersion programs."

Thus, RASCAREY is made up of all the people who have given their time and energy to the development of the project - but essentially was founded by Esteban  - who was raised in the area of Drake Bay, always close to the jungle and the beach. For 15 years he has helped with the protection of the different species of turtles in Playa Rincon -  mostly under the guidance of an esteemed friend and notary Ethnobotanist, Jonathan Miller Weisberger (who originally started the sea turtle conservation initiatives in the area). 

It is no surprise by now, that many animals and plants of the sea and land are rapidly diminishing, others have been wiped out completely - due to manmade destruction and climate change. We seek to connect the individuals who feel driven to help us in this cause towards protecting the biodiversity that is here in this magical place on Earth.

RASCAREY  is unique from other conservation projects in that we have a genuine interest in connecting people to nature, to feel a sense of empowerment in making a difference in the conservation of our beautiful earth and the animals that need our help!

what do we do?

Sea turtle and marine conservation

  • Nightly patrols (searching for nesting turtles)-

  • Collection and maintenance of research data

  • Sea turtle liberations

  • Beach cleanups


Environmental Conservation

  • Recycling / upcycling 

  • Projects working with natural resources

  • Planting and cultivation of local plants

  • Sustainable lifestyle workshops

Thank you for your contributions

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