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Not only do we help

protect the Sea turtles

Community Conservation

We love to involve the community in our project, inviting everyone to come witness the baby turtle liberations, and giving children the chance to release them.

Early Education

We connect local and international children to nature through interactive workshops and educational Lessons about environmental issues, climate change, animal and forest conservation.

Beach Cleanups

Marine Conservation

Every week we conduct beach cleanups, picking up trash and microplastics that wash up on shore from the Ocean.
We cover 2km of the beach - Playa Rincon.

We are passionate about all wildlife and consider them our friends. The ocean is home to many vulnerable species, and we are always conscious about our lifestyle choices that may impact these creatures. 


The campsite is situated on a jungle farm. We replant different types of trees all the time - papaya, banana, plantain, chestnut, cacao, etc.

Upcycling Projects

Our remote location makes it such that we often rely on material from the area - we use natural resources to build with (bamboo, washed up wood, etc.) and we love utilizing the plastic found during beach cleanups for creative projects.



Help to Protect

this Endangered Species

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